Mosab Abu Toha


Mosab Abu Toha is a young Palestinian poet from Gaza. A graduate in English Literature, he enjoys writing stories and poems of his own. Mosab taught English at UNRWA schools in Gaza from 2017 until 2019. Mosab is the founder of the Edward Said Library, Gaza’s only English-language library. As many of Gaza’s libraries were destroyed, he began a campaign in 2014 to collect donations of English-language books in what would become Gaza’s first public library for English books. Noam Chomsky, who has donated several autographed books to the library, wrote on Mosab’s behalf describing the library as “a unique resource, and what is more a refuge and a rare flicker of light and hope for the young people of Gaza.” Source

my grandfather and home



my grandfather used to count the days for return with his fingers

he then used stones to count

not enough

he used the clouds birds people


absence turned out to be too long

thirty six years until he died

for us now it is over seventy years


my grandpa lost his memory

he forgot the numbers the people

he forgot home




i wish i were with you grandpa

i would have taught myself to write you

poems volumes of them and paint our home for you

i would have sewn you from soil

a garment decorated with plants

and trees you had grown

i would have made you

perfume from the oranges

and soap from the skys tears of joy

couldnt think of something purer




i go to the cemetery every day

i look for your grave but in vain

are they sure they buried you

or did you turn into a tree

or perhaps you flew with a bird to the nowhere




i place your photo in an earthenware pot

i water it every monday and thursday at sunset

i was told you used to fast those days

in ramadan i water it every day

for thirty days

or less or more




how big do you want our home to be

i can continue to write poems until you are satisfied

if you wish i can annex a neighboring planet or two




for this home i shall not draw boundaries

no punctuation marks





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