Analicia Sotelo


Analicia Sotelo (?-present) is the author of Virgin and the chapbook Nonstop Godhead. She holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Houston, works at The Black Sheep Agency, serves as an Adroit Journal Summer Mentor, and is a committee member of the Poison Pen Reading Series. Source

Bitch Instinct

Before this day I loved

like an animal loves a human,


with no way to articulate

how my bones felt in bed


or how a telephone felt so strange

in my paw. O papa—


I called out to no one—

but no one understood. I didn’t


even. I wanted to be caught. Like

let me walk beside you on my favorite leash,


let my hair grow long and wild

so you can comb it in the off-hours,


be tender to me. Also let me eat

the meals you do not finish


so I can acclimate, climb into

the way you claim this world.


Once, I followed married men:

eager for shelter, my fur


curled, my lust

freshly showered.


I called out, Grief.

They heard, Beauty.                      


I called out, Why?

They said, Because I can and will.


One smile could sustain me for a week.

I was that hungry. Lithe and giddy,        


my skin carried the ether of a so-so

self-esteem. I felt fine. I was


fine, but I was also looking

for scraps; I wanted them all to pet me.


You think because I am a woman,

I cannot call myself a dog?


Look at my sweet canine mind,

my long, black tongue. I know


what I’m doing. When you’re with

the wrong person, you start barking.


But with you, I am looking out

this car window with a heightened sense


I’ve always owned. Oh every animal

knows when something is wrong.


Of this sweet, tender feeling, I was wrong,

and I was right, and I was wrong.





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