Dorothea Lasky


Dorothea Lasky (1978-present) was born in St. Louis Missouri where she also received her BA in classics and psychology at Washington University in St. Louis. She received an MFA in poetry from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, an EdM from Harvard University, and an EdD from the University of Pennsylvania. She has published four poetry collections and is currently an Associate Professor of poetry at Columbia University. Source

The Start Of The Free And Natural

Dear friend you have a problem and it’s called yourself 

Dear self you have a problem and it’s called yourself 

Dear swamp demon you stole from me 

Dear sky you have a night 

The stars they go 

Dear sun you have a problem and it’s the light 

Dear night you have a problem 

I can’t see anyone except the red music box 

Dear love you see too much 

I went to the wooden lake 

I saw the wooden people 

I took one out 

It was a boy 

It was wood and did not breathe 

It had its wood hair grain 

In a static wave 

I breathed life into it 

Its eyelids finally swung open 

I told it it was once a tree 

I laid it down I picked it up 

Out its eyes came the clear liquid 

But not tears, just humor 

Just plastic utterances 

Out its mouth came the words 

But it wasn’t alive yet 

The stars in its absence, X-ed out 

The middle sun, it shone 

But only for me 

Out your sink the bitter flowers 

Oh, they have bloomed in the sewer

And the sewer flowers are jealous 

Of what of what 

How dare you ask 


The air 





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