Chinaka Hodge


Chinaka Hodge (?-present) was born in Oakland, California. She graduated from the Gallatin School at New York University and received USC’s Annenberg fellowship for the school of cinematic arts where she received her MFA in writing for film and TV. She has published two poetry collections– For Girls With Hips: Collected Poems and Writings, and Dated Emcees. She is also a founding member of the hip hop ensemble The Getback. Source

2pac Couplets

one line for each year he lived


ninety six minutes after tyson wins and you’re gone

las vegas quickly strips you of your last song


every black man in nevada pilgrims to trudge you

walk last rites, as only god can judge you


nomad, you baltimore, you new york, you l.a.

captured only by wind, a consummate stray


west coast makes you ours. claims you loudest

you gave game for free, we recoup it proudest


don’t want no producers dancing in our videos

named our first borns after brenda’s embryo


your dear mama, eschews her crackfiend fame

afeni becomes household, recognized name


the people used to clown when you came around

with the underground mimic and savior your sound


mark your ink, the lives of thugs on their stomachs

their bottoms, their rolling twenties, their hunneds


your words so sacrament so memorized so litmus

test and testament so wretched so generous


never knew malcolm as machiavellian text, hence

you vexed and cursing: our black and shining prince


our sweetest thing, our prism and its light

lynched by bullet, won’t survive the knight


now your blood spills and the people crowd around

just one question:


r u







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