Ricardo Lira Acuña


Ricardo Lira Acuña (?-present), a Latinx poet who also goes by the name “Ricky Luv,” was born in Nogales, Arizona. He earned his BA in English and French Literature from Stanford University and an MFA in screenwriting from Columbia University. Along with his two collections of poetry under the influence and Greetings from Heaven and Hell, he has published the graphic novel The Realm and has written and produced the short film L.A. Noir. Source

Intimate Set

So this is an intimate set

Between you and me

So please

Leave your bags at the door

Don't carry what you don't need

Come in, have a seat

Because I want to confess to you


Right here

Right now

You see it’s a new year

A new sun

El sexto sol

A time of transformation

A new me

A new you

And every moment 

A snowflake

So you wanna know a secret?

You’re free to think for yourself here

You’re free to truly be yourself here

You are loved here

Because out there

In the desierto

And all along that Berlin Wall with Mexico

They can tax us

They can discriminate against us

They can deny us an education, ban our literature and our leaders,

Erase our history and our unalienable rights

They can declare war against us

They can invade us

Take us hostage and prisoner

Poison our water our food our land our air

They can even shoot and bomb our babies

Rape us

Sell us

Buy us

Eat us alive

But they cannot and will not have you

And they cannot and will not have me

And they cannot and will not have the love here

Between you and me.





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the repetition of the same letter or sound at the beginning of words appearing in succession


a figure of speech in which words repeat at the beginning of successive clauses, phrases, or sentences


an exclamatory passage in a speech or poem addressed to a person (typically one who is dead or absent) or thing (typically one that is personified)


The repetition of similar vowel sounds that takes place in two or more words in proximity to each other within a line; usually refers to the repetition of internal vowel sounds in words that do not end the same.


the absence of a conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so…) between phrases and within a sentence


the repetition of a word or phrase at the end of successive clauses


an instruction or a command


Ironic understatement in which a positive idea is expressed using a negative of its opposite.


a recurrence of the same word or phrase two or more times

Rhetorical Question

a question asked for effect, not necessarily to be answered