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Christina Thatcher is a Creative Writing Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University. She keeps busy off campus as Poetry Editor for The Cardiff Review, a tutor for The Poetry School, a member of the Literature Wales Management Board and as a freelance workshop facilitator across the UK. Her poetry and short stories have featured in over 50 publications including The London Magazine, Magma, North American Review, Planet Magazine, The Interpreter’s House and more. She has published two poetry collections with Parthian Books: More than you were (2017) and How to Carry Fire (2020). Source

Detox Passage

after William Brewer


You find spoons everywhere:

under kitchen cabinets, inside comforters,

poking through boxer briefs. Yesterday,

you sat on the sofa and discovered spoons 

had replaced stuffing. You cut open cushions,

heaved out hundreds. This is a clearing process.


You dream only of metal. The pastor tells you:

This is normal.  You must simply let go of the spoons.

You accept this but the sink still fills up with silver.

The shower spits sterling.  Rid yourself of the temptation, 

my son. The pastor has our father's blue-green eyes.


You listen and nod: throw out every spoon in the house.

You tell the pastor you can do it. You believe

you can do it. God is with you, my son.

The jerks in your arms and teeth begin

to go. All you had to do was rid yourself


of temptation.  You thank God for new strength,

bow your head to pray for more good,

more clean, but every time you close

your eyes you see

that silver curve

and linger.





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After Poems

A poem where the form, theme, subject, style, or line(s) is inspired by the work another poet.


the absence of a conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so…) between phrases and within a sentence


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