Saeed Jones


Poet Saeed Jones was born in Memphis and raised in Lewisville, Texas. His poems engage themes of intimacy, race, and power, and often incorporate elements of mythology. Jones is the author of the memoir How We Fight for Our Lives (2019), which one the Kirkus Prize for Nonfiction. His debut poetry collection, Prelude to Bruise (2014), received a starred review in Publishers Weekly, which described the book as “a fever dream, something akin to magic.” Prelude to Bruise was named a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle award. Jones earned a BA at Western Kentucky University and an MFA at Rutgers University-Newark. He has received a Pushcart Prize and has also been awarded fellowships from Cave Canem and Queer/Art/Mentorship. He is co-host of Buzzfeed’s AM to DM show, and he lives in New York City. Source 

Blue Prelude

Last night, the ceiling above me ached 

with dance. Music dripped down the walls


like rain in a broken house. My eyes followed 

the couple's steps from one corner 


to the other, pictured the press of two chests

against soft breathing, bodies slipping


in and out of candlelight. The hurt 

was exquisite. In my empty bed, I dreamed


the record's needle pointed into my back, 

spinning me into no one's song.





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