Jennifer Polson Peterson


Jennifer Polson Peterson is a poet living in South Mississippi. Her poems have appeared in Colorado Review, Radar, Beloit Poetry Journal, Southern Humanities Review, and elsewhere. She is a Phd candidate at the University of Southern Mississippi's Center for Writers and the author of a chapbook, Must Resemble Leisure, published by Seven Kitchens Press. Source

Golden Hour

When sidelong hours reach deep

into the house, objects turn

unbearably distinct and I think


of girlhood, how the sinking golden light

had to be seized, like the last

mouthful of soda in a warm can shared


with my sister. Whether I wanted to or not,

I climbed higher in the tree, higher

than I even liked, to watch the back door


where my mother would appear

and call me in. For years now

a supper made by someone else


is all I want, but this late sun

keeps pressing in. The linen chair

beside the window looks more


salmon-hued and woven now

than at noon. And the not-chair

stretches long beside it. Shadows


sharpen and themselves become

objects filling the room. A child wakes

down the hall. Light gathers on the faces


of ranunculus in a mantle vase,

browning and collapsing

in their centers. I think I have been


sad every afternoon of my life.

Outside a child runs in the grass.

Soon I will appear and call her to me.





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