Arianna Monet


Arianna Monet is a queer Black poet and performing artist from eastern Massachusetts. Her work can be found in FreezeRay Poetry, What Are Birds?, Journal, Gingerbread Ritual Literary Journal, and elsewhere. Arianna is a 2022 Zoeglossia fellow and a member of the 2019 Boston Poetry Slam Team. Source

I’m rewatching the She-Ra episode where Glimmer gets sick for the first time

and I keep mistaking the screen for a 

mirror. By which I mean, I too was once

adolescent and unconquerable:

purple hair; a body unmarked by pain.

Then, the bright unholiness of onset.

She screams, glitches into crimson static.

In the right light, even pain can sparkle.

Blood cells glinting into oblivion.

Flicker of agony, scarlet against

the ego. Candescence of a body

as it burns itself undone. If I am

to live this way–neurons blazing, my fists

clenched proudly against a whimper–let me

at least malfunction in a way that shines.





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Health & Illness

LGBTQ+ Experience

Pop Culture


Literary Devices:

Bleeding Title

when the title of a poem acts as the first line

Conditional Statement

statements of an “if-then” or “unless-then” situation (although “then” is not used), or a probability

Transferred Epithet

When an adjective usually used to describe one thing is transferred to another.

Varied Punctuation

diverse use of punctuation.