Imani Davis


Imani Davis (?-present) is a queer black poet from Brooklyn. They are currently attending the University of Pennsylvania, earning their BA in English and Africana Studies. They are a 2019 Lambda Literary Fellow, Mellon Mays Fellow, and Stadler Center for Literary Arts Undergraduate Fellow and they serve as the Outreach Coordinator at the Kelly Writers House. Source

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

After Angel Nafis


“I’m so show-off / My diamonds designed to twinkle and bleed light” – Azealia Banks


Mark my words, [     ].


Someday I’ll wear the fur


of every animal inside me


still crying for attention’s milk.


I don’t care what you call me:


tantrum, mink momentum, siren


of the cheapest songs. I wish it wasn’t true,


but scream any name & I’ll come.


Tbh I’d pull a thousand looks


from your eyes if it meant


I’d finally be seen. I mean, [     ].


What does a [     ] have


to do around here to get a tulip


tucked sweetly behind her ear? Die?


I can only do that a little at a time.


Y’all can wait. & I can continue


to sprawl the mania out on my good


chaise lounge. I know what I’m doing.


I’m fighting off invisibility with a snakeskin belt.


I’m rewiring the audience to finally look


me in the eye. I got so many reasons


to scream & so little chiffon to do it in.


Ashamed? With this face?


Girl, I wouldn’t be caught dead.





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