Rochelle Hurt


Rochelle Hurt’s books include The J Girls: A Reality Show (Indiana University Press, 2022), In Which I Play the Runaway (Barrow Street, 2016), and The Rusted City: A Novel in Poems (White Pine, 2014). She lives in Orlando and teaches in the MFA program at the University of Central Florida. Source 

Some People Love War Like a House

War with wood frame. War with original glass panes. War with a cupola. Custom warwork. War of lost deeds and cement crumbs. War with roots eating foundation. Two-story war in historic war district. Shabby chic war. War with wraparound porch. War you’ll just love. Guided war with warm cookies and business cards. It’s a dream war. So easy, the war does your bidding for you. But war’s interest fluctuates. How’s your warfolio? No problem: warclosure, what luck. Now it’s a war of your very own. A war to call home. War as piss post. War as security. Warheritance for your children, born and unborn. A war you can die in—all windows, no door.





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Violence & War

Literary Devices:


written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure


a recurrence of the same word or phrase two or more times

Template Poem

a poem in which a poet uses a predetermined form to structure the poem. For example: a multiple-choice format, a recipe, directions, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Miranda Rights. A template poem borrows an already established form to provide structure and commentary.