Luna Rey Hall


luna rey hall is a queer trans non-binary writer. they are the author of space neon neon space (Variant Lit, 2022), no matter the diagnosis (Game Over Books, 2023), the patient routine (Brigids Gate Press, 2023), and loudest when startled (YesYes Books, 2020), longlisted for the 2020 Julie Suk Award. They are the winner of the 2013 Patsy Lea Core in Memorial Award for Poetry.  Their poems have appeared in The Florida Review, The Rumpus & Raleigh Review, among others. They live in St. Paul, MN. Source

How a Bullet Works

it huddles warmly

in the nook of a shoulder


the joint cleared of its tendons

& muscles,


arteries, some nerves.

it sleeps           unaware


that its resting is permanent

that its removal would be fatal


to the host. soon

flesh will close around it,


the tendons will thread

back together,


the muscles mend,

the arteries will adjust


around its pointed shape,

the nerves will remember


their existence.

& it will be buried


as if its pain

never happened.





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Violence & War

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visually descriptive or figurative language, especially in a literary work


the attribution of human qualities to a non-human thing