T.R. Poulson


TR Poulson studies creative writing at the University of Nevada, Reno. Her work has appeared in Alehouse, Main Channel Voices, Brushfire, and anthologized in A Dream in the Clouds. When not reading or writing, she enjoys windsurfing, zumba, kickboxing, and basketball. Source 

Long Shot

for Rich Strike


I have been the player benched

at tip-off, game by game, watched nets dance

with leather, felt the storm and wrench

of clumsy. I defied it. Made my chance

in cones lined up on pavement. Only

the sun to coach my feet, my hands.

I have been that lonely.


I have sought bouquets of crimson roses,

hid beyond the slides and swings at recess,

played in fields, held my princess poses

among the calves. I have worn a dress

and asked a boy to dance, as Sony

speakers belted love. He didn’t say yes.

I have been that lonely.


I have drained a three point shot, the one

that glitters memory like waves curl to sand,

felt all of that and more in a man’s hand.

I kicked, slapped, not knowing I had won

everything. When the long shot bites the pony

after he wins the roses, I understand.

I have been that lonely.





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