KB Brookins


KB Brookins is from Stop Six, Fort Worth, Texas. They are a Black queer nonbinary poet, educator, organizer, and lover of most plants/people. They want to be your friend as well as your reminder to think in abundance. They have words published in Cincinnati Review, The Offing, ANMLY, and other equally pretty places. Their chapbook How To Identify Yourself with a Wound (Kallisto Gaia Press, 2022) won the 2021 Saguaro Poetry Prize. It was written with support from workshops with Lambda Literary, In Surreal Life, The Watering Hole, The Hurston/Wright Foundation, The Speakeasy Project, and Winter Tangerine. They are currently a PEN America Emerging Writers fellow and an African American Leadership Institute - Austin fellow. They’ve founded and led many initiatives such as Interfaces and Embrace Austin but currently are a student in the University of Texas at Austin’s Masters in Social Work program. Follow them on twitter or instagram at @earthtokb and access their exclusive teaching, writing, and zine content on patreon. They run a newsletter called Out of This World. They live in Austin, TX where they are writing books and trying their best. Source

Break up with your gender, I’m bored

after The Real Housewives of Atlanta


We could start this letter with the audacity.

How you ignore the growth of flesh on your chest & how

the sight of them brings you to tears like Kandi

in seasons 2–11. How they carry the world

like Kenya Moore carried season 8 of Real Housewives

& how I hate them just as much as everyone hates Kenya

for what she did to Phaedra (in season 6


exclusively). How they sway in your cerebrum & you get

nauseous with shame. How un-diligence leads to ignorance;

your back, stressed from sleeping in binders for 3 days

in a row. It’s time, KB. Break up with your gender like Nene

broke up with Greg until he got his [  ] together in season 5.

What if top surgery changes nothing; what if the [   ]

don’t heal properly? What will become of you then?


Loyalty is not gender’s language, like it isn’t

the language of Nene in seasons 1–12. I want more

for you, KB; I want more for love; this has never been it.

After this, you’ll be free (like Phaedra from her season

10 contract). You won’t have to breathe & feel

everything tonight. You’ll feel nothing, and nothing

is the true meaning of gender, isn’t it?





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