Matt Mason


Matt Mason holds an MA from the University of California, Davis. He is the author of At the Corner of Fantasy and Main: Disneyland, Midlife and Churros (The Old Mill Press, 2022); I Have a Poem the Size of the Moon (Stephen F. Austin University Press, 2020); The Baby That Ate Cincinnati (Stephen F. Austin University Press, 2013); and Things We Don’t Know We Don’t Know (The Backwaters Press, 2006). Mason is the recipient of a Pushcart Prize and two Nebraska Book Awards. The former Nebraska Writers Collective executive director, Mason, has run workshops in Botswana, Romania, Nepal, and Belarus through the U.S. State Department. He lives in Omaha and serves as the Nebraska State Poet. In 2022, Mason received an Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellowship. Source

Untitled Poem For Sarah

Every morning you'd think

all the moths would throw themselves

into the Sun.


But they wait

for streetlights

to consume them


in small coughs

of sparkle.

My dear,


my dear,

my dear:

I have stopped


listening to my moth soul.

My dear, I am done

tilting at streetlights.


My paper wings soar,


your blazing heart.





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