Alyesha Wise


The author of Carnival (NOT A CULT media), Alyesha Wise is a poet, teaching artist & TEDx speaker from Camden, N.J. Alyesha currently resides in Los Angeles where she is the co-founder of Spoken Literature Art Movement - an organization providing poetry education and extensive programming for poets, and a teaching artist for Street Poets - a non-profit mostly serving juvenile injustice-involved youth. Source

Joy #1

If I cried about all the painful things I have the right to cry about today



I would kill myself.



But the last time I spoke to my nephew

I promised him

I’d be on that plane to visit in 2 months.

I have 49 days left.

49 days to stay alive

to demand joy in my life in all of the dying parts.


And I know if I choose that

I’ll get to 50.

And I know choosing ain’t always a choice.

Like, sometimes, your bones are just heavy.

And, all the time, waking up saying, I’m happy

Won’t make the assault go away


Won’t bring the body back


It may not clear the protest signs


Which is why I say it, all the time.


The pain is an intruder I wake up to.

I speak to her so that she knows I have a voice.

I do not call her a stranger.

I call her a me I have already survived.


I do not call her day 51

breakfast on the east coast

a table of healing, kindred faces

a cot on the floor of a home that housed me dirty

a return flight back to my almost clean

a phone call with nephew

a reminder that joy is always up

on its way.





Literary Movements:


Spoken Word

Anthology Years:



Health & Illness

Joy & Praise

Strength & Resilience

Literary Devices:


the absence of a conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so…) between phrases and within a sentence


a break between words within a metrical foot


the attribution of human qualities to a non-human thing